27 app-based rideshare/delivery drivers who were killed in 2021

Who is killing app-based gig workers?

We have compiled a list of 27 app-based rideshare & delivery drivers killed on the job in 2021.

We have also have lists of 17 killed in 2022 and 18 killed in 2023 so far. You know of any others killed in 2021, 2022, or 2023, send us a message.

  1. Yousef Al-Gabr, M/M/43, Uber, 1/14/2021, Detroit, Michigan, Shot – The suspect is Carlous Skipper Jr., a Black male.
  2. Timothy Perkins, B/M/60, Uber, 1/21/2021, Detroit, MI, Carjacking – The suspects are Black males, Devin McKee and Lanyah Brady.
  3. Ryan Munsie Graham,  W/M/31, Uber Eats, 1/27/2021, Haltom City, TX, Stabbed by two 14-year-olds – Zakariya Marshall, a Black male, has been convicted.
  4. Joshua Miller, W/M/33, Uber, 1/28/2021, Dallas, TX, Robbery – Suspect is Joshua Scott, a Black male.
  5. Lynn Murray, W/F/62, Instacart, 3/22, Boulder, Colorado – Racially motivated mass shooting targeting White victims – Perp is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian immigrant.
  6. Mohammad Anwar, C/M/66, Uber Eats, 3/23/2021, Washington, DC, Carjacking – Suspects are two unnamed Black teenage girls.
  7. Javier Ramos, L/M/46, Uber, 3/26/2021, Chicago, IL, Carjacking – Suspect is Edmond Harris, a Black male.
  8. Francisco Villalva Vitinio, L/M/29, DoorDash, 3/29/2021, NYC, NY, Robbery – Douglas Young, a Black male, has been convicted.
  9. Ahmed Bada, B/M/35, Lyft, 4/12/2021, Minneapolis, MN, Killed after witnessing shooting – A Black male, 18, was also killed. Neighborhood is 77% non-White.
  10. Elijah Newman, B/M/45, Uber, 4/15/2021, St. Louis, MO, Carjacking – Torian Wilson, a Black male, has been convicted.
  11. Rossana Delgado, W/F/37, Lyft, 4/16/2021, Cherry Log, Georgia – Kidnapped and tortured to death. Suspects are Latino “drug traffickers.”
  12. Mingzhi Zhu, A/M/42, Uber, 4/27/2021, Fullerton, California, Shooting spree, another person also killed – Suspect is Carlos Lopez, a Latino male.
  13. Kristopher Roukey, W/M/48, Lyft, 5/5/2021, Akron, OH, Randomly shot – Suspect is Kahlyl Powe, a Black male.
  14. Robert Douglas Berry, W/M/58, Lyft, 5/12/21, Mesquite, Texas, Shot on interstate – Unsolved.
  15. Joseph Schelstraete, W/M/38 , Uber, 5/21/2021, Cicero, IL, Robbery – Classified teenage suspects. Appear to be Black in surveillance video.
  16. Stacy Corley, B/M/25, DoorDash, 6/17/2021, Walnut Creek, California, Road Rage – The suspect is Dylan Baker, a White male.
  17. Ceyonne Riley, B/F/25, Uber Eats, 6/30/2021, New Orleans, LA, Random expressway shooting – Unsolved.
  18. Raquel Spohn Wehber, W/F/59, Uber, 7/6/2021,  National City, CA, Stabbed by passenger – Suspect is a classified 17-year-old female. Neighborhood is mostly Latino.
  19. Hurts Presendieu, U/M/45,  Lyft, 7/27/2021, Indianapolis, IN, Robbery  – Jahion Jarret, a Black male, has been charged.
  20. Noel Njoku, B/M/48, DoorDash, 8/12/2021, Mitchellville, Maryland, Random shooting – Suspect is Tracey Goodson, a Black male.
  21. Isabella Lewis -W/F/26, Lyft, 8/29/2021, Fort Worth, TX, Part of Jihadist/terrorist attack – The suspect is Imran Ali Rasheed, a Middle Eastern immigrant.
  22. Kuldip Singh, C/M/34, Uber, 9/4/2021, NYC, NY, Stray bullet, an intended victim was also injured – The suspect is Joselito Domena, a Black male.
  23. Hamzah Farah, M/M/, Doordash, 9/11/2021, Fort Worth, TX, Suspected road rage – Unsolved
  24. Terrell Harris, B/M/29, Lyft, 9/23/2021, Philadelphia, PA, Random shooting – Unsolved, 93% Black census tract.
  25. Glynon Nelson, B/M/38, Lyft 9/28/2021, Crown Point, IN, Robbery – Suspects is Robert Sims, a White male.
  26. Salauddin Bablu, C/M/51, Grubhub, 10/18/2021, Manhattan, New York, Robbery – Unsolved, exact location unreported.
  27. Ahmad Fawad Usufi, C/M/31, Uber, 11/28/2021, San Francisco, CA, Robbery – Suspect is Clifford Lavern Stokes, a Black male.

In cases where the race of a suspect is confirmed:

White: 2
Latino: 2
Middle Eastern: 2
Black: 14
Unsolved: 7

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