Why are so many mass shootings occurring in South Carolina’s rural towns?

Small towns with big crimes

South Carolina has dozens of very small towns with astronomical homicide rates. There have been seven mass shootings in South Carolina this year that occurred in small towns. An obvious trend appears when you look at the demographics of these towns.

July 24th – Bennettsville – Population 7,730 – 66% Black

One killed, three injured at a nightclub.

July 3rd – Mullins – Population 4,239 – 70% Black

Four shot at a pool party. Victims refused to cooperate with police.

June 5th – Andrews – Population 2,859 – 64% Black

Five shot in a drive-by shooting.

June 4th – Summerton – Population 814 – 53% Black

Eight shot, on killed during a drive-by shooting a High School Graduation party at a residential home.  Four Black males arrested. Deceased is a mother of five.

April 17th – Furman – Population 218 – 75% Black

Nine people shot during hip hop themed “Easter Bash” at a nightclub.

March 6th – Chester – Population 5,377 – 67% Black

Two killed, three injured. Suspect is a Black male who was already out on bond from other charged.

January 1st – Dillon – Population 6,311 – 55% Black

Five shot. Only minor injuries. Suspect arrested, but never identified in any media.

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