7 shot, 3 fatally at a house party in North Carolina

Black on Black mass shootings are occurring weekly

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, seven people were shot during a mass shooting at a house party in Wilmington, NC. It occurred around midnight.

This website has been tracking mass shootings in 2021.

Zieyah Wade, 21, Shamir Jones, 21, and Destiny Roland, 16, were killed. Keyshawn James, 21, Zykeria Crawford, 19, Valery Orelus 18, and Zymiryon Atkins, 18, were injured but expected to survive. They are being treated at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Police have not released any details on the suspect, but it is apparent that this is another Black on Black mass shooting. 

Also on Saturday, five people were shot in the parking lot of Roxy’s Nightclub in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In this shooting, all victims survived. Two Black males, Joe Nathan Brothers Jr, 22, and Joshua Marquese Coston, 23, were arrested. It is unclear if both fired weapons. It looks like one was the shooter and one was the getaway driver.

Roxy’s looks like a trendy hipster bar but has an all-Black clientele based on photos on Facebook and Google maps.

A large majority of mass shootings in 2021 have had Black perpetrators, with mostly Black victims. They are most commonly occurring at “pop-up” parties, house parties, hip hop-themed bars/nightclubs, rap concerts, and parking lots.

The national media largely ignores these types of mass shootings. Of the 15 deadliest mass shootings in 2021 so far, at least 60% have had a Black perpetrator. There have been 15 mass shootings with seven or more total gunshot victims, though some produced no fatalities. Of these shootings, at least 80% of the perpetrators have been Black.

Shooter at Roxy’s

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