Washington State has second mass shooting at a rap concert in less than one month!

Shootings at concerts for Nitty Bo and Sol.Luna

Yet another rap concert ended in a mass shooting, this time in a suburb of Seattle. Less than one month ago, it was Tacoma.

On Friday night, a rap concert featuring Nitty Bo performed at Musicians Hall in Renton.

Police say an argument started outside the venue as the concert ended early on Saturday morning. Then someone started shooting people. This has become a shockingly common scenario at rap and hip-hop events across the nation.

An unnamed 32-year-old was killed, and six others were wounded. Local media indicates that people were uncooperative when police arrived. A large Black male can be seen fighting with police in media footage. Police have not released any details on the suspect.

The shooting comes less than one month after Tacoma’s mass shooting at a dance party featuring rapper Sol.Luna on June 26th. Eight people were shot and injured at this event.

The hyper-politically correct Tacoma Police Department lied and falsely stated the shooting occurred at “a rave party.” The police never described the suspect, which appears to be their policy. Even when they arrest someone for murder, they will say, “a male was arrested.”

Local media in Tacoma barely reported the shooting at all.

Tacoma had two mass shootings that day. Five people were shot in the backyard of a Tacoma residence. Alejandro F. Lloret, a 38-year-old Latino, died, and a pair of Latino brothers were charged with murder.

Tacoma and Seattle have been experiencing a wild surge in homicides since the BLM/Antifa riots of 2020.

Rapper Nitty Bo

Rapper Sol.Luna

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