Media narratives on recent mass shootings do not match reality

Clearly, the media has an agenda

The top two narratives that we see in the media are:

  1. Mass shooters are White
  2. White mass shooters are targeting non-White victims

A mass shooting is typically defined as four or more total victims. Using this definition, there have been dozens of mass shootings in 2021. However, many of these have only one or no actual fatalities.

As of April 18th, there have been seventeen mass shootings in 2021, with at least four total victims and at least three fatalities. You can see the list of 17 shootings here. Of these 17 deadliest mass shootings, White people are significantly underrepresented as the perpetrators. Blacks, however, are vastly overrepresented. At least 59% of the 17 deadliest mass shootings have had a Black perpetrator, even though Blacks only make up about 14% of the US population.

When looking at mass shootings with victim counts of over seven, but with fewer than three fatalities, an even higher percentage have Black perpetrators.

Further, there has only been one interracial mass shooting where there is documented evidence that the shooter harbored racial animosity against the race of his victims. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian Arab, shot and killed ten White people in Boulder, CO. The shooter had a chip on his shoulder against White people and non-Muslims.

Of the 17 deadliest mass shootings, only two were 100% interracial. The second one was Phillip Adams, a Black former NFL player, who shot and killed six White victims in Rock Hill, SC. The motive is unknown, and the media seems utterly uninteresting in ever discovering any motive or explanation.

Of the two mass shooters who exclusively killed members of a different race, White people were the victims of both attacks.

Between the 17 deadliest mass shootings, there are 82 fatalities and 25 non-fatal gunshot victims. Among those fatally shot, at least 29 were attacked by a member of a different race. At least 18 White people, 22% of the total, are Whites killed by a non-White mass shooter.

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