Six mass shootings over the weekend, 10 killed, 19 injured

The trend continues

Nationwide, there were six mass shooting over the weekend. The smallest number in four weekends. However, the overall trend remains the same. For this weekend, we have two mass shootings that appear to be Latino perpetrators targeting Latino victims. The other four are most likely to have been Black on Black.

A large majority of all mass shootings in the USA are Black on Black. It is true that White, Asian, and Middle Eastern mass shooters seem to produce, on average, a higher number of fatalities than the average Black mass shooter. However, even when we only look at mass shooting with the highest fatality counts, we are finding that a majority of the suspects are Black.

Black on Black mass shootings seem to get the least media coverage. In many cases the local media never mentions who the victims or the suspect even is.

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Friday, May 6th:

Alex Madison

Friday afternoon, there was a mass shooting near the 4800 block of Alcee Fortier Blvd. This is a residential neighborhood. At least 45 rounds were fired. One male, 25, died at the scene. Another male of unknown age died at the hospital. Four other males, ages 29, 33, and 57, were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Police have arrested Alex Madison.

Saturday, May 7th:

Two people were killed and three injured in Lexington, Kentucky. The fatalities are Amaya Victoria Taylor Sandifer, a 20 year old Black female and James Henry Bost, Jr., a 49 year old Black male. The shooting took place at Green Acres Park in a residential neighborhood. No details have been given about any suspect.

Flores Brothers

One killed and three injured at a party in Fairfield, Texas. A Fraternal Order of Police Lodge was rented to hold the party at. The suspects are two Latino brothers, Juan and Oscar Flores.

Four people were shot and injured in Miami. Two of them are juveniles. No details on the victims or a suspect has been given. It took place in census track 002300, which is 75% Black and 22% Latino.

Two killed, two injured at a block party in Garland, Texas. The shooting took place during a party at a residential home. The suspects are two Latinos, Jesus Saldana, 21, and Christopher Torres, 22. The fatalities are Jose Damian Garcia, an 18 year old Latino male and an unnamed 17 year old male.

Sunday, May 8th:

Three killed and three wounded in Clarkston, GA. A rural town that has been described as “the most diverse square mile in America.” Almost no media even covered this mass killing. It took place at an apartment complex. One of the wounded is said to be in critical condition. Police say there are two shooter. Ofieo Ojego, a 25 year old Black male, has been arrested. Another unnamed suspect is still at large.

Clarkston, GA is a rural town that has been heavily targeted by “refugee resettlement” groups. This caused the population to nearly double between 2010 and 2020. From 7.5k to 14.8k. The 2020 census bureau lists the town as 7% White, 60% Black, and 26% Asian.

Killed: 10
Wounded: 19

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