St. Louis gun battle: 3 dead, 1 critical, 50 shells of at least three calibers left behind

St. Louis is currently one of the deadliest cities in the Western Hemisphere.

The latest incident involves three fatalities, and one person critically wounded. All Black males in the 20s. Police found two guns, fifty shells casings, and illegal narcotics left behind. The shell casing left being include three different calibers.

St. Louis, MO homicides:

Format Year: # of homicides (population, homicide rate)

1993: 267 (382k, 69.9 homicides per 100k) former record for highest rate
2019: 194
2020: 264 (298k, 88.6 per 100k) new record for highest rate
2021: 226 (295K, 76.6 per 100k) new second place record for homicide rate

Note that some St. Louis media are reporting smaller numbers for 2021. St Louis Today says 226 and provides a list of every single one

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