Wild uptick in mass shootings so far in 2023

California is the epicenter

During 2021, there were twenty-seven mass shootings with four or more fatalities and twelve with five or more. During 2022, there were thirty-three mass shootings with four or more fatalities and twelve with five or more.

This is an average of two and a half mass shootings per month with four or more fatalities and one mass shooting per month with five or more.

In less than four weeks of 2023, there have been four mass shootings with five or more fatalities. Three of these were all in California. There were six mass shootings with four or more fatalities.

There have been at least four other mass shootings with three or more fatalities and four total gunshot victims. There are several other mass shootings with a large number of victims but a low number of deaths. There have been four mass shootings in which eight or more people were shot, but no one died. There is another where eleven people were shot, but only two died.

There have been fifteen mass shootings in which at least five people were shot, regardless of how many died.

By every metric, mass shootings are up by a huge margin in 2023 so far.

Twelve killed, nine injured in CA:

On January 21st, twenty-one people were shot in Monterey, California. Twelve people, mostly older Asian victims, were killed. The shooter was Huu Can Tran, aged 72. A Chinese New Year’s celebration was going on at the time.

Seven killed, one injured in CA:

On January 23rd, eight people were shot in two locations in Half Moon Bay, California. The suspect if Zhao Chunli, aged 67.

Police have not released any names of the victims yet.


Seven killed in UT:

On January 4th, Michael Orwin Haight, 42, massacred seven family members in Enoch, UT. The victims include four minors. His wife had recently filed for divorce. He committed suicide afterwards.

Six killed in CA:

Six members of a family were killed in a home in Goshen, California on January 16th. Police are blaming the attack on a Mexican drug cartel.

Four killed, one injured in OH:

On January 13th, Martin Muniz, 41, allegedly shot five people in a Cleveland, Ohio. Four of them were killed. An eight year old child survived. The victims include the suspect’s father, sister, and nephew.

Four killed in NC:

On January 7th, Robert J Crayton Jr, 45, massacred four members of his family in High Point, NC. Three of the victims appear to be his children. He committed suicide afterwards.

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