Eight shot, one killed, at community festival in Taft, Oklahoma

Mass shootings everywhere

Mass shootings with high victim counts, but low fatality counts, are getting less and less media coverage as they become increasingly common.

A May 29th community festival in Taft, Oklahoma ended in a mass shooting. Eight people were shot. Sharika Bowler, 39, was killed. The suspect, Skyler Dewayne Buckner, 26, has now turned himself in. Buckner was denied bond.

Early in the morning on May 30th, a Charleston, SC a block party ended with ten shot. Some of them seriously wounded. A police cruiser was hit twice, and two cops were allegedly assaulted. Just a minor local news story.

Also on May 30th, seven people were shot at a rap concert in Benton Harbor, Michigan. One victim was killed. Even though the rapper is a significant star on YouTube, this was a minor local media story.

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