Premeditated mass shooting rampages in Houston & Detroit leave six dead and three others wounded

Detroit shooter is still at large

At least six mass shootings occurred on August 28th. At least two appear to have been pre-meditated rampages. Both of these shooters caused three fatalities and left others wounded.

In Houston a man set fire to an apartment complex. When residents came out, he opened fire with a shotgun. Three people were killed and two others were injured.

The shooter was killed by police. He is said to be a Black male in his 40s. No other details have been released yet.

In Detroit, a Black male killed three people and injured another as he moved around the city’s west side. He is still at large. One victim is a woman in her forties that was walking her dog. Another was a woman in her forties that was waiting at a bus stop. The third fatality was a 28 year old male. Another male was shot but survived.

Also, in Los Angeles, six people were shot and wounded at a Latino/Hip-Hop themed bar. In Albany, New York, six people were shot and wounded during what police describe as a giant mob fight. One person was killed and three more wounded during a shooting at an apartment complex in Denver, Colorado. Four people were shot and wounded in Clinton, Wisconsin.

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