Tens of thousands march against LGBTQP+ political agenda in Serbia

Protesters don't want the LGBT agenda promoted to their children

A group calling itself EuroPride Serbia will be holding events in Belgrade from September 12th to 18th. This will include a “LGBTI+ Pride” march through the city.

The event is facing major opposition. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic recently asked EuroPride organizers to either cancel or postpone the event due to the current crises with Kosovo. Event organizers have refused. The UN also released a statement saying that the march is a human right and denounced any potential move by the government to shut down the event.

There was a protest march against EuroPride in Belgrade on August 14th. Over 5,000 people participated. Today another protest march occurred with tens of thousands of people.

Previous event on August 14th:

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