Ten shot at Charleston, SC “Block Party.” Four critical. Two female suspects arrested

Limited information coming out

Update: It is now reported that nine people were shot and three people were injured in the aftermath. Two of the injured are police officers who suffered cuts from broken glass when their police cruiser was shot. Deljavon Lamat Simmons. 31. has been charged with five counts of attempted murder.

Ten people were shot at a “block party” in Charleston early Monday morning. Four are in critical condition. When police arrived, a cruiser was immediately hit with two gunshots.

One officer, who was inside the cruiser that took fire, was injured by broken glass. Two other officers say they were assaulted.

Tahira McGee, 50, and Ayesha Saleemah McGee, 26, were arrested and charged with assault and battery. Both have already been released on bond.

Police have not said if they are suspected of being gunmen and firing shots. The crime scene is still being investigated. A Facebook post by Ayesha McGee seems to suggest they were arrested for assaulting police officers at the crime scene. The two suspects are related, however it is unclear if they are sisters or mother and daughter.

Several of the victims are said to be female, including a 17 year old female in critical condition.

The shooting occurred in census tract 000900. In the 2010 Census, this tract was listed as 75% Black.

The mass shooting came seven days after five people were shot and injured at a hip hop bar called the Blue Note Bistro in North Charleston.

The Blue Note Bistro shooting occurred within one day of the one year anniversary of fifteen people being shot at an outdoor rap concert in North Charleston. On May 23rd, 2021, fourteen year old Ronjanae Smith was killed and fourteen other people were injured by gunfire.

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