Mass shooting at a memorial for a shooting victim in Columbus, Ohio; six shot, one killed

Sounds like something from a tv show

On April 17th, 2020, Jarrin Hickman, a 28-year-old Black male, was shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio. The murder occurred in a parking lot at the Refugee Center shopping plaza on Chatterton Road. Police say that Varmunyah Dunor, a 20-year-old Black male, killed Hickman to steal his cannabis.

Hickman was allegedly engaged in the illegal sale of cannabis. Quincy Yelder, a 19-year-old Black male, was also charged with being Dunor’s accomplice.

A memorial was held at the site Saturday, the one-year anniversary of Hickman’s murder. During the event, a car drove by, and a Black male opened fire on the crowd.

LaToya Renee Carpenter, 32, was killed. Police do not believe she was one of the intended victims. She was inside her car, leaving the parking lot of a nearby Dollar General. Five other victims were injured with gunshot wounds.

This website has been tracking mass shootings that have occurred in 2021.

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