AP updates story to delete the race of an at large mass shooter that just shot five people, killing three

Then reminds you that police shot "a Black man" in nearby Kenosha last year

Early Sunday morning, a Black male was ejected from Somers House Tavern in Somers, Wisconsin. This is a small village in between Kenosha and Racine. The man returned with a gun and began murdering people. Currently, a massive manhunt involving over one hundred officers is underway. No information on the victims has been released yet.

The police described the suspect, and for the most part, local media refused to print this description. The AP initially did include the description. They stated, “He is described as black, over six feet tall, and wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt.”

Shortly after that, the AP deleted the suspect’s description, even though he has still not been apprehended. Yet they added, for no apparent reason, more to the article about how the Kenosha police shot and paralyzed “a Black man” last year. They also added that “a white Illinois teenager” was accused of murdering two people in Kenosha.

The AP went out of its way to censor the race of a mass shooter who was still at large and then mentions that police shot “a Black man” and a “white teenager” is accused of two murders in a nearby city. They also capitalized “Black” but did not capitalize “white.”

Here is the current incarnation of the AP article, which is full of politically correct narratives and explicitly omits the description of the shooter.

Here we see the updated version of the AP article on Kenosha’s Fox 11. However, Fox 11 initially had the original version, as you can see by the screenshot below. We created the screenshot from a Googler cache of the same link. Unfortunately, the Google cache of the article on the AP website comes up broken, or we would have used it.

In Mach of 2011, Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at the AP, stated that the wire service had a policy of censoring information about crime suspects. Kent claimed that the race or ethnicity of an in-custody suspect “was not germane to the story unless it was a hate crime.” Of course, the AP gets to decide what constitutes a “hate crime.” In other words, the AP only states the race of a suspect when they believe the information fits an approved narrative.

This article demonstrates that the AP is picking what to report on based on a racial agenda. They are including or censoring the race of people based on a racial agenda. They are even decided what words to capitalize based on a racial agenda.

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