FOX News contributor Mark Steyn sticks up for Vdare

Urges audience to "man up" and support dissident conservatives who are being censored

Mark Steyn is a regular contributor to the Tucker Carlson show on FOX News. He also has a podcast, where he has a history of defending conservative against de-platforming. This is the second or third time he has defended the website Vdare by name, which has been under attack for many years.

Vdare’s credit card merchant processor said they were deplatforming them. Vdare chairman Peter Brimelow then hired a lawyer and fought back. It is now a week since their ability to process credit cards was supposed to have been shut down. There has been no response from the processor, but the account is currently still live.

Highlights from the audio:

This isn’t about whether you agree with on immigration. They run Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan and John Derbyshire. And there may all be a little strong meat for you. Well, you going to have to man up about this stuff. Because letting the new totalitarians chow down on Anne and Pat doesn’t mean the beasts are now sated only that they’ve worked up an appetite for whoever’s next, including you, and it certainly includes me.

It’s easy to present Vdare as the fringe, although the views they represent command the support of over half the American people. It’s just that the only two political choices, this hideous hundred and fifty-year-old frozen party system permits, uh, between the open borders left and the Koch brothers cheap labor right? But even if they were the fringe, as I said, many times during my ultimately successful free-speech battles in Canada, a decade back, that’s how the thought police always pitch up. Oh, we’re just mopping up a few fringe losers out on the edge of the map. Don’t worry about it.

No, the so-called fringe always moves inward, and eventually you will find yourself part of that fringe. Every shriveling of public discourse increases the way public policy issues can only be framed within the left’s parameters. If you can no longer object to mass immigration and the 1965 act that enabled it without being put out of business, what’s left to discuss about immigration in any meaningful way?

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