Portland has second mass shooting in only two days!

Portland is rapidly getting more dangerous

On February 19th, Antifa held an evening “protest march” at a Portland park. Some of the Antifa brought guns. Around 8:00 PM, a confrontation between armed Antifa and a local armed homeowner escalated to gunfire. Four females and two males were shot. A female died. The deceased appears to be part of Antifa, based on tweets from other Antifa members.

Police say Antifa is refusing to cooperate and provide witness statements. During a police press conference, Antifa screamed hysterically at a law enforcement spokesman and forced the press conference to be canceled after only a few minutes.

Then, on February 20th, a car was riddled with bullets by an unknown gunman. An adult female was killed. Two children, including an infant and a five-year-old, were wounded. An adult male was also wounded.

The two deceased women are Portland’s 14th and 15th homicide victims for 2022.

Portland experienced a dramatic explosion of homicides in the middle of 2020 as city officials conducted a stand down and allowed BLM and Antifa to riot for months. This wildly elevated homicide rate continued in 2021 and appears to be getting even worse now.

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