Mass shooting occurs during BLM / Antifa “protest” in Portland, one dead, five injured

Deadly violence follows Antifa & BLM wherever they go

UPDATE: The Portland Police Police Bureau announced that the shooting stemmed from a confrontation between an armed homeowner and multiple armed “protesters.” Antifa is refusing to cooperate and disrupted a press conference by police.

UPDATE: One of the gunshot victims admits she was illegally blocking a residential street at the time of the shooting. A reporter for the Oregonian says there were at least two shooters and crime scene evidence may have been stolen before police arrived.

Last night a mass shooting occurred at Portland’s Normandale Park during an evening “protest & march” against “police violence.”

The protest was for Amir Locke, who a Minneapolis SWAT team shot and killed during a “no-knock” police raid. The SWAT team stormed the home of a murder suspect and encountered Locke, a non-resident, sleeping on the couch under a blanket. When police pulled the blanket away, Locke emerged holding a gun and was shot three times and killed. Locke is a cousin of Mehki Camden Speed, the 17 year old murder suspect that police were after.

Around 8:15 PM, gunfire rang out in Normandale Park, killing a female victim. Three other female victims and two male victims were injured. Police arrested two suspects at the scene.

Police have not yet released information on the suspects. Based on tweets from Antifa members, it does appear that the deceased is an Antifa herself. Local Antifa called it a targeted attack on their members and blamed journalist Andy Ngo. However, Antifa has a long documented history of making wildly false claims after shootings.

There are eyewitness claims suggesting that one or both of the injured males are also suspects.

Normandale Park would not be the first time a mass shooting has occurred at this type of event. On May 28th, 2020, seven people were wounded in a mass shooting during a George Floyd “protest” in Louisville, KY.

Between June 20th and June 29th, there was a string of murderous violence at a 24/7 “Black Lives Matter Occupied Protest” in Seattle. The violence left Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, a 19-year-old black male, and Antonio Mays Jr., a 16-year-old black male, killed. A 14-year-old Black male was severely wounded with gunfire and barely survived. Four other people were wounded by gunfire.

Since October 2019, at least four Portland Antifa activists have died violent deaths. Three of them were victims of highly violent homicides in Portland. One died from being crushed with a car, possibly by rival Antifa, and two others were stabbed. Another Antifa was killed during a shootout with federal law enforcement after murdering a victim in Portland. Yet another high-profile Portland Antifa committed suicide last November.

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