What happens to a neighborhood when a police union leaves and is replaced with a no rules homeless shelter?

Well imagine my shock!

The Pacific Northwest has large amounts of homeless shelters run by charities. However, many homeless do not want to use them because they must abide by some basic rules. A typical homeless shelter does not allow illegal narcotics, prostitution, trafficking in stolen goods, etc.

In a neighborhood already hit hard by Antifa riots, the city of Portland bought a former Rite Aid to open a no-rules homeless shelter. It cost $2.6 million for the building. Portland’s CBS affiliate is now expressing shock that things are not going well for the surrounding community.

The original plan was for the former Rite Aid to act as an “emergency warming shelter” that would only open when the temperature drops below 32 degrees at night or below 25 degrees during the day. It was called “The Arbor Lodge Winter Shelter.” It was first opened in early 2021. However, this was immediately expanded into a 24/7 year-round operation. The city also filled the parking lot with sheds and expanded its capacity from 70 to 120 people.

It also attracts “campers” who pitch tents in the area and then go to the shelter for free food. The shelter is funded, in part, by the city’s $2.4 Billion housing initiative. Other funding came from federal “Covid-19” relief (Cares Act) and money from the state.

The no-rules homeless shelter is next door to the abandoned Portland Police Union building. This website reported on the Police Union building last year. Portland police abandoned it due to chronic attacks by Antifa.

Portland is currently proposing building mega shelters that would house 1,000 people each.

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