Hundreds march behind a “F@ck Biden” banner in Verona, Italy

Anti-war march in Verona, Italy

Hundreds of people in Verona, Italy, conducted a peace march, opposing the foreign policies of the Biden administration and NATO in regards to Ukraine. The banner at the front of the march says, “Nato .. born to provoke, F@ck Biden.”

Others carried signs saying “NATO are murderers” or waved Italian and Veneto flags. Verona is the largest city in the region of Veneto. There is growing opposition in Europe to supplying Ukraine with lethal aid. While many also condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they do not believe that the actions of NATO or the Biden administration are in the best interests of the Ukrainians, especially the civilian population. Many feel that the war would have likely ended with a negotiated peace within weeks if Europe and North America had not flooded Ukraine with more weapons.

Greece was the first country to see protests occurring in late February. The Greek population generally condemned the invasion but wanted no part of the conflict. Now we are starting to see demonstrations in central Europe. Russia continues to make gains in the Donbas region of Ukraine despite tens of Billions in weapons and bold claims that “Ukraine is winning” by officials in the Biden administration. We also have statements from Biden officials and NATO that they will support the Ukrainian war effort for years if necessary.

The countries in Europe that have not sent lethal aid to Ukraine: Austria, Bulgaria, and Montenegro only send body armor and humanitarian assistance. Bosnia, Cyprus, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, and Switzerland have only sent humanitarian aid. Belarus actively supports Russia. 

Recently, Foreign Policy magazine ran a surprise article attacking the Biden administration for having no real strategy in Russia other than the vague goal of weakening Russia.

Related: Leading American senators actively worked to encourage Ukraine not to implement the Minsk Agreement they signed in 2015 and to instead be aggressive with Russia.

Related: The Telegraph has repeatedly published articles claiming Boris Johnson has actively encouraged Volodymyr Zelensky to ignore other world leaders and instead purpose all-out war indefinitely.

Note: Veneto has a history of having a large secessionist movement. So there may be a lot of people who are sympathetic with people in the Donbas who want to break away from Ukraine.

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