No mention at all: Seattle media completely censors brutal beating of tourist

Local media censors savage attack

Caliber Visuals is the pseudonym of a photojournalist from California. He was visiting Seattle for his 23rd birthday. On July 31st, he was brutally attacked, pummelled, and robbed. The assault was captured on a surveillance camera.

Police say the perp is a Black male, approximately 5’10” and 180 pounds. The perpetrator initially extended his hand in friendship and then grabbed Caliber and wouldn’t let go.

Nine days later, the victim is still recovering from serious injuries, and a violent predator is still at large. The Seattle media has yet to even report on the attack. They have no interest in helping police catch the perpetrator or even informing people that it took place.

We checked the websites of Seattle’s corporate legacy media.

The Seattle Times: Zero Mentions
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Zero Mentions
King 5 News (NBC affiliate): Zero Mentions
Q13 News (FOX Affiliate): Zero Mentions
KIRO 7 (CBS Affiliate): Zero Mentions
KOMO 4 (ABC Affiliate): Zero Mentions

It appears that it is only because of a lone radio talk show host, Jason Rantz, that the story even got out. In Seattle, Rantz is attacked as a “right-wing extremist.” In reality, he is a Jewish homosexual who is moderately center-right. Rantz began tweeting the surveillance video yesterday.

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