Portland set to completely shatter all records for murders this year

Portland is breaking all past records for homicides

In 2020, Portland had 54 homicides, a staggering 50% increase over 2019. Individual shootings in 2020 went up 127% compared to 2019. 2020 and 1993 are tied for the deadliest year in the history of the city.

So far, Portland has already had 43 homicides and the year is not even half over!

This past Sunday, five people were murdered. Four of these murders were part of a mass shooting home invasion.

A man, who was wounded, called 911 to report people attacking his home. Police said three men stormed the house. Besides the wounded man, four others were killed. There may have been multiple shooters.

Very few details have been released about the rampage. Police are hinting that it was gang warfare related to the drug trade. Police say large numbers of cars are seen continuously arriving and leaving the residence. At least one small child lives at the residence.

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