Maine homicides surge in 2022

20% with a known suspect were non-White on White

Maine has one of the lowest homicide rates of any state in the USA. It is also one of the Whitest states. The latest census estimate shows that Maine is still 92.5% White. However, Whites are significantly underrepresented among homicide offenders.

We see the same trends we found in North Dakota. Like North Dakota, homicides are solved at an extremely high rate. Blacks are greatly overrepresented among offenders. Also, like in North Dakota, people with names suggesting they are recent immigrants are overrepresented.

In 2022, Maine had its highest homicide rate since a spike in 2008. The homicide rate in Maine has generally declined since the 1980s as the average age has risen.

2008: 31 (1331K, 2.3 per 100k)
2019: 20 (1346k, 1.5 per 100k)
2020: 20 (1350k, 1.5 per 100k)
2021: 19 (1372k, 1.4 per 100k)
2022: 29 (1372K, 2.1 per 100k)

Of the 29 official homicides listed by the Maine State Police, 26 have been solved. In one case, the race of the perp is classified due to age.

Here are the races of the victims and known suspects. ME stands for Middle Eastern.

Unsolved-on-White: 3
Classified-on-White: 1
White-on-White: 14
ME-on-ME: 1
ME-on-White: 1
Black-on-Black: 4
Black-on-White: 4
Latino-on-White: 1

  1. Eva Cox, W/58, was found dead in the trunk of her car. Her boyfriend, Paul DeForest, W/67, has been charged with murder.
  2. Paula Johnson, W/53, was shot at her home. Rebecca Moores, W/42, has been charged with murder.
  3. Abdallah Al Siraj, ME/50, was stabbed to death, His son, Salim Al Siraj, ME/23, was charged.
  4. Jennifer Lingard, W/41, was killed while on vacation in Maine.  The suspect, Sami Daou, ME/33, died of a drug overdose days later.
  5. Darren Laney Sr., W/62, was stabbed to death. His son Darren Laney Jr., W/36, has been charged.
  6. Jaden Raymond, W/1, was killed. Her mother Mariah Dobbins, W/29, has been charged.
  7. Kimberly Neptune, 43/W, was stabbed to death, Kailee Brackett, W/38, and Donnell Dana Jr., W/39, have been charged.
  8. Derald Coffin, W/43, was shot and killed during a robbery. Damion Butterfield, W/23 charged. Anthony Osborne, B/45, charged as accomplice.
  9. James Cluney, W/49, was shot and killed. Atilio Delgado, L/17, was charged.
  10. Renaldo Jones, B/30, was beaten to death in prison. Carl Williams, B/38, has been charged.
  11. Octavia Huber Young, W/1, was shot and killed. Andrew Huber Young, W/19, has been charged.
  12. Jeanine Ross, W/66, was strangled. Her son Jason Ibarra, W/43, was charged.
  13. Nicole Mokeme, B/35, was hit with a car. Her boyfriend, Raymond Lester, B/36, has been charged.
  14. Kelzie Caron, W/21, Auburn and
  15. Pierre Langlois, B/21 were shot and killed. David Barnett, B/34, was charged. (Double)
  16. Alice Abbott, W/20. Jason Servil, B/19, Massachusetts, was charged.
  17. Brooke McLaughlin, W/14, was killed. Aiden Grant, 15, was charged. His race is classified due to age.
  18. John Paquin, W/20, was shot and killed.  Mark John Sinclair, W/28, Lewiston, charged.
  19. Nicholas Trynor, W/20, was shot and killed. Thomas Tellier, W/52, was charged.
  20. Walter Omar, B/31, was shot and killed. Amin Awies Mohamed, B/38, was charged.
  21. Neil Salisbury, W/71, murdered. Unsolved.
  22. Nicholas Blake, B/37, was shot and killed. Barry Zollarcoffer, B/47, was charged.
  23. Lois Swanson, W/89, shot and killed in a murder suicide by husband Russell Swanson, W/89. Couple was in poor health.
  24. Matthew Adams, W/36, was shot and killed during a home invasion. Unsolved.
  25. Bethany Kelley, W/23, was a homeless woman found murdered. Unsolved.
  26. Gabriel Damour, W/38, was murdered. Justin Butterfield, W/34, was charged.
  27. Tyler Flexon, W/26, was shot and killed. Tristin Chamberlain, W/21, Portland, was charged.
  28. Lacresha Howard, W/25, was shot and killed. Eddie Massie, B/40, has been charged.
  29. Drew McKenna, W/23, killed. His brother Shea McKenna, W/27, was charged.

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