Teenage girls slaughtered because of fleeing suspect in Baton Rouge

Media is whitewashing the perp

DA Tony Clayton

Two teenage girls were slaughtered on New Year’s Eve during a high-speed police chase that snaked around East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge Parishes.

Tyquel Zanders was leading police on the chase. His family banned him from their home in Baton Rouge. Allegedly, he entered their house, attacked his father, and stole a car. He then led police on a high-speed chase. Zanders ran multiple red lights, hitting speeds as high as 80 mph on business roads and 110 mph on the interstate.

During the pursuit involving police from multiple agencies, officer David Cauthron of the Addis police department crashed into another car in the town of Brusly.

Maggie Dunn, 17, and Caroline Gill, 16, were killed. Liam Dunn remains hospitalized with severe injuries.

Zanders was only apprehended when he returned to Baton Rouge and the car stalled.

Tyquel Zanders

18th District Attorney Tony Clayton blames Officer Cauthron and Baton Rouge Police Department. He has charged the cop with two counts of negligent homicide and one count of negligent injuring. Clayton suggested that home invasion and auto theft shouldn’t have necessarily justified a high-speed chase. Cauthron was arrested on Sunday. He remains in custody with a bond set at $100k.

However, Tony Clayton also acknowledges that Zanders is the primary cause of the girl’s senseless deaths. “He put the chain of events into play. He’s responsible for all the reactions to his actions. He’s facing two counts, and if that poor kid (Liam Dunn) doesn’t survive, he’ll face another.”

Zander was charged with home invasion, theft of a vehicle, aggravated flight, and two counts of manslaughter has charged Zanders with manslaughter. In Louisiana, manslaughter is an actual murder charge and a more severe charge than negligent homicide. The penalty is up to forty years of hard labor. Negligent homicide carries up to five years, with or without hard labor.

Cauthers and Zander are held at the West Baton Rouge Parish Detention Center.

David Cauthron

Since the 1991 high-speed chase of Rodney King, media, left-wing politicians, and Black racial activist groups have aggressively downplayed the actions of fleeing criminal suspects. This story is no different. Major media outlets and left-wing activist media are hyping this as a “bad cop” story. They are downplaying or even completely whitewashing the perp. Most are only showing pictures of Cauthron and not Zanders. Even the so-called “conservative” New York Post has two big pictures of Cauthron, but to see Zanders, you must play their video. The Post makes Cauthron the main focus, and Zanders is not even mentioned until the halfway mark.

Even when these media outlets mention that Zanders is being charged with manslaughter, they don’t say that manslaughter is a more severe charge in Louisiana than in almost all other states. The casual reader will perceive Zanders to be charged with a lesser crime.

No local media have mentioned if Zanders has a past criminal record.

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1 year ago

Tyquel???? Sounds like a new cold/flu medication.

1 year ago

“Tyquel” ???
Im surprised they showed his picture. Usually they wont show picture or same name if it lets you know what black murderer racist committed the murder.