Locals protest illegal alien housing center in Chicago

Black protesters call for migrants to be housed in a Latino community

James Wadsworth Elementary School in Chicago, IL, is a shuttered elementary school that the Chicago city council is transforming into a housing center for illegal immigrants. As many as 250 people could move into the school beginning any day.

Illegal aliens were to begin moving in today, January 6th. However, that appears to have been delayed due to protests. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is accused of planning this for months but keeping it a secret from residents until last week.

This is in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side. Most of Woodlawn is over 90% Black except for a small area around the University of Chicago Law School.

Residents are protesting this action. Chicago Alderman Jeanette Taylor, representing Chicago’s 20th Ward, supports the protesters. Taylor is a Democrat and a Black racial activist.

Many of the protesters have engaged in explicit racial rhetoric. In this video, we see a protest leader telling the media that the Mayor would never dump Blacks in a White, Asian, or Latino community. She calls on the migrants to be housed in Little Village, a 95%+ Latino community.

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