Biden’s new federal judges: 76% female, 34% Black

Biden is transforming America by transforming the courts

When Biden made his pick for a new Supreme Court justice, he publicly advertised that he would limit the field to only Black women. This was the same as his vice presidential pick. He stated in advance he would look for a Black female. However, Kamal Harris is only 25% Black. (50% Central Asian and 25% White).

This trend has continued. Federal judges can represent a president’s most lasting legacy after he leaves office since these people will be interpreting laws for decades. Biden is clearly choosing people to nominate for federal judgeships based on gender and skin color and not competency.

The Senate has confirmed one hundred of Biden’s nominees for judgeships. However, three of these people have been confirmed twice. Three women appointed to a federal court of appeals were later appointed and confirmed to a higher bench.

Of the 97 total individuals, a staggering 76% are female.

Whites, who still represent a large majority of America, are only 37% of Biden’s appointees. Several of these people are Jewish, so White Christians of European ancestry are even less than this.

Blacks are wildly overrepresented at 34%. According to the US Bar Association, only 5% of American lawyers are Black

From the 1940s to 2016, the percentage of female lawyers has risen from 3% to 38%. However, female lawyers are, on average, ten years younger than male lawyers. So they are less experienced. This is reflected in the average salaries of male and female lawyers.

25.5% of Biden’s picks are Black women, including his pick for the Supreme Court.

Note: Of the 12 Asian judges. Two are East Asian men, six are East Asian women, and four are Central Asian women.

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3 months ago

What! No homos or mutilattos?

Smarg Jones
3 months ago

Stolen elections have very serious consequences.

Fendall Hawkins
3 months ago

Biden’s new federal judges: 76% female, 34% Black and 100% corrupt party hacks.

3 months ago

and 100% incompetent agenda driven courtroom train wrecks

3 months ago

and probably 100% stupid.

Schlomo Sheckleberg
3 months ago

What % are jewish?