59% of the weapons the DOD is tracking in Ukraine are delinquent

Is the US government broken?

The Department of Defense says they tracking $1.699 Billion worth of weapons until their end of use. The exact number of weapons is redacted. Of this, $1.005 Billion is delinquent.

59.2% of the dollar value of the weapons being tracked are delinquent. The report was issued on January 10, 2024. Despite the fact that this is nearly two-thirds, the report says that recording keeping was dramatically improved between February 10, 2023, and June 2, 2023.

The DOD calls this “enhanced end‑use monitoring,” or EEUM. This program aims to ensure that sophisticated high-tech weaponry is used for the intended purpose.

The report concedes that the United States government engaged in poor record keeping, significantly contributing to the problem.

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