Attorneys General from six states vow to rein Biden in through the courts if need be

Six AGs warn Biden not to attempt to rule America via executive fiat

Six Attorneys General have signed a letter to Joe Biden warning him not to attempt to rule via executive fiat and assume powers not granted to him by the constitution. Nor should he sign any legislation that violates the constitution, particularly the first or second amendment. They say that they represent the states who most successfully fought the Obama Administration in the courts. 

The Attorneys General include Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia, Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas, Todd Rokita of Indiana, Lynn Fitch of Mississippi, Austin Knudsen of Montana, and Ken Paxton of Texas.

One of them, Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas is already fighting the Biden administration in court over Joe Biden’s arbitrary 100-day ban on deportations, which goes against established US laws passed by congress. Judge Drew B. Tipton, of the Southern District of Texas, has temporarily suspended Biden’s executive order banning deportations.  The judge gave the Biden administration fourteen days “to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.”

Paxton has accused Biden of trying to get his foot in the door and set a precedent. He would then sign executive orders for longer and longer deportation bans thus creating a de facto amnesty via executive fiat.



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Letter to President Joe Biden by Justin Dixon


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