Two Latina Boston School Committee members resign after expressing bigotry against White students

But the damage has been done

Two members of the elected Boston School Committee have resigned in disgrace after a freedom of information request revealed that they expressed animus against White students with each other.

Last October, the School Committee debated the use of a de facto racial quota system for admissions into Boston’s so-called “”exam schools.” Committee member Lorna Rivera and Committee Chairwoman Alexandra Oliver-Dávila favored using a scheme to accept students based on zip code instead of merit. They got their way. The Boston Globe is already reporting that Black and Latino students are being accepted into the exams schools ahead of White students who scored higher on the admissions test.

However, it has been revealed that Rivera and Oliver-Dávila were motivated by animus and bigotry against White people. The Boston Globe filed a freedom of information request for any electronic communications pertaining to official businesses.

The night that the committee put the zip code admissions scheme into place, Rivera and Oliver-Dávila made the following exchange.

Rivera: “Wait until the white racists start yelling at us.”

Oliver-Dávila: “Whatever. They’re Delusional. I hate WR [West Roxbury]”

Rivera: “Sick of Westie whites”

Oliver-Dávila: “Me too. I really feel like saying that.”

For once, a mainstream newspaper did real journalism and exposed real corruption. Rivera and Oliver-Dávila were supposed to represent all students, but in reality, carrying out a racial vendetta against White people. However, the damage has already been done. The real question is, will new committee members show the courage to return to a merit-based system? Highly unlikely.

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