NYC giving free money to teachers who repeatedly failed state teaching licensing exam. $1.8 Billion bonanza!

This is what racial justice looks like!

Alvarez apparently felt that living in trendy NYC was more important than being with her own children. So she shipped them off to grandparents in Puerto Rico.

New York City has set aside a staggering $1.8 Billion to reward people who failed the New York State licensing exam.

As many as 4,700 former teachers will be given cash awards for past failures. This includes any teacher demoted or let go after failing the exam since 1995. (The New York Times indicates that the money is solely going to Blacks and Latinos; however, this is probably not 100% true. It is perhaps more accurate to say that a vast majority will go to Blacks and Latinos.)

The state licensing exam was upheld by a federal court in 2003. Another challenge to the licensing exam was dismissed in 2006. However, in 2014, a court ruled against it. That court alleged that it violated the Civil Rights Act because Whites and Asians passed at a much higher rate than Blacks and Latinos. Ober 90% of White and Asians passed, while less than two-thirds of Blacks and Latinos passed.

Sylvia Alvarez is one of the former New York City teachers benefiting. She was a teacher in Brooklyn who was given a staggering TEN TRIES to pass the licensing test. Alvarez failed every single time. In 2003, she had to give up her lucrative $100k public school teaching job in favor of a $45k job at a privately run pre-school. She claims the pay cut forced her to send her two children back to Puerto Rico to live with relatives.

Now, Alvarez is cashing in handsomely! She is getting an unbelievable $1.1 million in free money from the New York taxpayers!

Theodore Regis, 57, lost his job in 2003 after being given five tries! He left New York and got a new job as a teacher in North Carolina. Now he will also get $1.2 million from the taxpayers.

Some people are said to be getting as much as $2 million.

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