Kalamazoo Ulta Beauty store hit by mob-and-rob attacks twice in a four day period

Will the media ever admit the obvious?

A group of eight or more Black females conducted pre-planned mob-and-rob attacks on the same Ulta Beauty store twice in a four-day period. It happened on July 11th and then again on July 14th in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Police say the main target was expensive perfumes, which they are undoubtedly reselling on the street.

A mob-and-rob is when a group of people agree to all storm into a business and start stealing merchandise at the same time. This has become an epidemic in places like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and beyond. An overwhelmingly large majority of all mob-and-rob attacks have Black perpetrators. Usually, the perps are either all male or a mixture of male and female. However, these attacks appear to be all female.

These attacks tend to occur in areas where people who commit lower-level crimes face little if any, prosecution. In California, shoplifting has been decriminalized, so the entire state is ground zero for these attacks.

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