Four-year-old slaughtered at Akron vigil was Jayland Walker’s fiancée’s niece.

Four people have been murdered by gangbangers in Akron since the death of Jayland Walker

On June 27th, Jayland Walker opened fire on police and was killed. Media, the Black Lives Matter movement [BLM], and some Akron politicians have lionized him. There were two days of rioting, spearheaded by the BLM movement.

Since his death, at least four people have been randomly murdered in Akron.

During the Jayland Walker riots in Akron, Chelsey Jones, 26, was shot and killed while sitting in her living room. Police say the bullet was fired from a nearby housing project. Then, DeVeal Smith, 30, was found dead in his car.

Then, Johnny L. Gaiter, 40, and Journei Tolbert, 4, were slaughtered by a group of up to three Black male gunmen. Tolbert is Gaiter’s niece. She is also the niece of Jayland Walker’s fiancée.

Gaiter and Tolbert were part of a group of 50-60 people holding a vigil for the one-year anniversary of the murder of Derek L. Davis, 24. Davis was found shot to death in his car on July 6th, 2021. The crowd was launching balloons at the site of his murder. It does not appear that anyone was ever arrested for killing Davis.

In 2020, Akron set a new record for the highest homicide rate in the city’s history.

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