BLM launched vicious mob attack on motorcyclist during latest round of rioting in Akron

Biker appears to have been the victim of a racially motivated mob attack

The Black Lives Matter movement organized a “protest” in downtown Akron on July 26th. It was billed as a show of support for eight people who have been charged with crimes from previous BLM rioting in Akron.

The “protesters” videotaped themselves illegally blocking a major street and then screaming threats at motorists. At some point, they launched a violent mob attack on a lone thirty-five year old motorcyclist. A group of thugs can be seen assaulting the victim. When the cameraman gets close, the victim has blood on his face and shirt. The perpetrators stand around and mock him with racial abuse and profanity.

The victim was eventually transported to Summa Health System. The thugs also damaged his motorcycle.

By their own admission, Akron police conducted a stand down. They made no arrests and allowed BLM to continue rioting.

“After the assault, the caravan traveled to other locations throughout the city, causing disturbances, creating safety concerns, and obstructing the flow of traffic in various neighborhoods.”  – Akron Police Department press release.

A member of a local Antifa affiliated group called STP Akron publicly praised the assault on Twitter. He goes by “Comrade Ohio” and may have been one of the rioters himself.

Police have still made no arrests for the murder of Chelsey Jones, who was killed on July 4th while major BLM rioting was happening in the city. The gunman stood on a dock that is part of a public housing project. He fired randomly into a neighborhood on the other side of the lake. Jones was hit and killed 750 meters away while sitting in her living room.

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