Foreigners now account for 39% of murder and 56% of manslaughter convictions in Germany

Who could have predicted this?

New data shows that foreigners living in Germany account for 39.02% of murder convictions and 56.25% of manslaughter convictions.

The data was released at the request of Stephan Brandner, a member of the Germany parliament for the conservative Alternative fur Deutschland [AfD].

Brandner called for the immediate deportation of foreigners who have committed crimes in Germany.

“The unacceptable phenomenon of dramatic foreign crime must finally be solved. The figures clearly show that in Germany we have a huge problem with immigrant criminals. Immigrants from Afghanistan and Syria, in particular, pose a major security problem for our country. They must be checked thoroughly upon entry, turned away in case of doubt, and if criminal offenses have been committed, they must be reacted to with the full force of the law and deported.” – Brandner

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