Arrest made in random murder of Philadelphia woman

Philadelphia is turning into a horror show

Jailene Holton, 21, was randomly killed on June 28th. She went to a Philadelphia bar called Top Gold with a friend from out of town. While she was there, a Black male was expelled for bad behavior. He went to his car, grabbed a gun, and fired fifteen shots at the bar. Holton was shot and killed.

Anthony Nelson, 47, has been arrested in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Apparently he fled to Atlantic City after the murder and was in hiding. Nelson had two other people with him when he killed Holton. Authorities have not said if they will be charged with any crimes.

Philadelphia experienced its highest murder rate in city history last year. The homicide clearance rate is plummeting.

The murder of Holton is a perfect example of the kind of murders that are fueling Philadelphia’s surge. Spur of the moment no impulse control killings.

Below: Recent firearms homicides in Philadelphia. There are two White victims, including Holton, and two Asian victims. Robert Yocum, the White male victim was killed in front of his house in a drive-by shooting. No details about any suspects have been reported in the media. He lived in census tract 039000 which is 56% Black, and only 15% White. Of the two Asian victims, Loi Nguyen was randomly murdered by a Latino suspect. Police have named Wagner Tejeda-Pena as the suspect. They other victim, John Laylo, was a tourist from the  Philippines. He was riding in an Uber when another car pulled up beside the Uber and opened fire. The suspect is an unknown Black male, who has not been apprehended.

Related: On June 24th, surveillance video recorded seven Black children brutally beat James Lambert, a 73 year old Black male, to death in Philadelphia. Police say it was completely unprovoked. Two brothers, aged 10 and 14 have turned themselves in. Police are still looking for two more male and three female suspects.


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