Despite international shock, Philadelphia city government refuses to clean up open air drug market

Kensington horror show continues

About two years ago, Youtubers began filming Philadelphia’s notorious open-air drug den in the Kensington area of the city. The video sparked shock and disbelief around the world. People could not believe that a major American city was allowed to go into such decline.

A newly filmed walkaround of Philadelphia’s open-air drug market proves that nothing has changed. The walkaround was filmed in broad daylight on a Monday afternoon. You even see four uniformed police officers patrolling the area. Obviously, a broad spectrum of laws is not being enforced.

Philadelphia’s Soros-funded District Attorney Larry Krasner has made it his mission to reduce the number of Black males in custody. So his office is simply not prosecuting people for crimes. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia city council even voted 14-2 to partially legalize vehicle code violations under the pretense that these laws disproportionately affect Blacks. The result is that the city has been turned over to criminals. Philadelphia experienced its highest homicide rate in city history last year. The murders get more and more shocking each month.



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