Four alleged thieves die while fleeing from the police

Are these the new BLM saints?

A passenger car with seven people crashed in Delaware County, PA, while fleeing from State Troopers. The occupants are believed to have stolen items from the Glen Mills, PA, Lululemon. This is out in the country, over twenty miles from Philadelphia.

The driver allegedly hit 110 mph after he saw the police. Then he lost control and crashed into a guard rail.

Isaiah Miller, 20, Ikeam Rogers, 20, Kalyn Billups, 21, Tyjana Motley, 17, and an unborn baby died. Three other people in the car survived. At least two of the victims’ names match Facebook accounts in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia City Center Lululemon was looted last September during Black race riots.

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1 month ago

The Amish just don’t like to stop for the police.

1 month ago

No intelligent person who reads this is surprised. We do not have to ask what portion of our population they represent.
There is a lie of omission in this story. The folks who wrote and published this story know exactly that the alleged thieves who died are all black but refuse to print that so they can maintain their woke status.

1 month ago

They want to hide the truth from Whites so they can continue to harm us.

Promising Scholar
1 month ago

When scholars spend too much time studying and not enough time learning how to safely follow the rules of the road. Rest In Power Steering.