Seven mass shootings over the weekend

Is there a trend?

There were seven mass shootings across the country over the weekend. However, despite 37 people being shot, only two were killed. Two of the shooters were also killed by police.

Washington, DC: 6 shot, 0 killed

Police say Rennwel Mantock, 29 B/M, was kicked out of a trendy four-story dance club, down the street from the White House. He got angry and opened fire at security guards and random people on the sidewalk.

Daytona Beach, FL: 4 shot, o killed

Police say there was a fistfight in progress when Misael Maldonado, 21 L/M, pulled a gun and sprayed a crowd of people with bullets.

San Antonio, TX: 4 shot, o killed “two young men”

Police say two thugs opened fire on each other during Fiesta at Market Square. Four female bystanders were shot. One of the shooters died at the scene. Police killed the second shooter. The man killed by police has been identified as Mikey Valdez, 18/L/M. His mother alleges he only fired back in self-defense and was then shot five times by cops for no good reason. The other shooter who was presumably killed by Valdez, has not yet been identified.

Fitzgerald, GA: 4 shot, 1 killed

Police say Channen Brown, 17, B/M, sprayed a crowd with bullets at an after-prom party. Chyell Paulk, 17 B/F, was killed.

Tucson, AZ: 4 shot, 1 killed

Police say four people were shot at a University of Arizona off-campus party in Tucson, AZ. Erin Jones, 20, mixed-race/F, was killed. Absolutely no details on the gunmen have been released. Tucson police say it would compromise their investigation.

Sanford, FL: 10 shot, 0 killed

Police say that Christopher Bouie, 16 B/M, sprayed a crowd of people with bullets in the parking lot of a bar. The bar was being used for a private party.

Kenner, LA: 5 shot, 0 killed

Police say Matthew Lathers, 31 B/M, shot and wounded a man last Tuesday. Then, he conducted a mass shooting from his hideout. The victims include three police officers. A police sniper eventually killed him.

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