Deadliest mass shooters of the past forty months

Does this match the media's rhetoric?

Between 1/1/21 and 4/40/23, there were 231 mass shootings with three or more fatalities.

A mass shooting is defined as four or more total victims. We use Gun Violence Archive to identify all the mass shootings.

There were 63 mass shootings with three or more fatalities in 2021, 60 in 2022, and 90 in 2023. There was a big uptick in 2023, even as overall murders appear to have decreased nationwide that year.

In the first four months of 2024, there have been 18. This is way down from 2023. However, there have also been two mass stabbings with three or more fatalities.

Each year, we find that White people are greatly underrepresented among the suspects, despite continuously hearing the claim that “most mass shooters are White.”

2021 Mass Shooters Full List
2022 Mass Shooters Full List
2023 Mass Shooters (spreadsheet file)
2024 Mass Shooters

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