Whites perpetrated 28% of the 60 deadliest mass shootings of 2022

Total media narrative collapse

One of the enduring fantasies pushed by the American media and much of the political establishment is that “most mass shooters” are White.

The definition of a mass shooting is four or more gunshot victims.

It is true that Black mass shooters, on average, kill fewer victims than White, Asian, Middle Eastern, or even Latino mass shooters. However, Blacks commit mass shootings at a rate that easily dwarfs any other group. This has recently been confirmed by researchers at the University of Colorado. Their research confirms that the frequency of mass shootings in a state is closely tied to the Black population percentage. Latinos also commit mass shootings at a higher frequency than Whites.

We took the sixty deadliest mass shootings of 2022. All of them had three or more fatalities. The Gun Violence Archive was utilized for this project.

For one of the shootings, there is no information on the suspect. However, in all likelihood, the suspect was Latino. However, we left this one as an unknown.

Compared to 2021, Whites and Latinos perpetrated a higher percentage of the deadliest mass shootings in 2022. Blacks perpetrated a lower portion. However, the Black share is still vastly disproportionate to their population percentage. Whites are still significantly underrepresented.

In 2021, four of the worst ten mass shootings had Black suspects, and five of the worst ten mass killings (one used a car as a weapon) had Black suspects. Four of the worst ten mass shooters had a White suspect. The other two were an Arab immigrant and a Latino. In 2022, the suspects in the worst ten were six Whites, three Blacks, and one Latino. Even if you only look at the ten deadliest mass shootings, Whites are underrepresented as perpetrators compared to their population percentage, while Blacks are consistently overrepresented.

2021 & 2022 combined.

For more details on the individual mass shootings in 2022, click here.

Date State City Killed Injured Suspect
24-May-22 Texas Uvalde 21 17 Latino
14-May-22 New York Buffalo 10 3 White
27-Oct-22 Oklahoma Broken Arrow 7 0 White
4-Jul-22 Illinois Highland Park 7 30 White
5-Feb-22 Texas Corsicana 7 0 White
22-Nov-22 Virginia Chesapeake 6 6 Black
3-Apr-22 California Sacramento 6 11 Black
23-Jan-22 Wisconsin Milwaukee 6 0 Black
9-Oct-22 South Carolina Inman 5 0 Black
29-Sep-22 Texas Mc Gregor 5 0 Latino
2-Jun-22 Texas Centerville 5 0 Latino
19-Nov-22 Colorado Colorado Springs 5 19 White
13-Oct-22 North Carolina Raleigh 5 2 White
18-Nov-22 Virginia Richmond 4 0 Black
4-Nov-22 Florida Orlando 4 1 Black
7-Oct-22 Texas Fort Worth 4 0 Black
7-Jun-22 Virginia Portsmouth 4 0 Black
1-Jun-22 Oklahoma Tulsa 4 0 Black
27-Apr-22 Mississippi Biloxi 4 0 Black
23-Jan-22 California Inglewood 4 1 Black
20-Nov-22 Oklahoma Hennessey 4 1 East Asian
4-Nov-22 Maryland La Plata 4 0 Latino
30-Oct-22 Colorado Aurora 4 0 Latino
5-Oct-22 Texas Baytown 4 2 Mixed
2-Aug-22 Florida Orlando 4 0 Latino
16-Jul-22 Texas Houston 4 0 Latino
28-Feb-22 California Sacramento 4 0 Latino
21-Oct-22 Wisconsin Hartland 4 0 White
17-Oct-22 Virginia Woodbridge 4 0 White
9-Oct-22 Oklahoma Henryetta 4 0 White
9-Sep-22 Maryland Elk Mills 4 0 White
5-Aug-22 Ohio Dayton 4 0 White
4-Aug-22 Nebraska Laurel 4 0 White
27-May-22 Michigan Stanwood 4 0 White
21-Apr-22 Arkansas Mountain View 4 0 White
20-Apr-22 Minnesota Duluth 4 0 White
6-Dec-22 Georgia Macon 3 1 Black
13-Nov-22 Virginia Charlottesville 3 2 Black
23-Oct-22 Illinois Chicago 3 2 Black
15-Oct-22 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 3 1 Black
7-Sep-22 Tennessee Memphis 3 3 Black
4-Sep-22 Minnesota Saint Paul 3 2 Black
28-Aug-22 Michigan Detroit 3 1 Black
28-Aug-22 Texas Houston 3 2 Black
18-Aug-22 Virginia Norfolk 3 2 Black
5-Jul-22 Indiana Gary 3 7 Black
12-Jun-22 California Los Angeles 3 4 Black
8-May-22 Georgia Clarkston 3 3 Black
10-Apr-22 Iowa Cedar Rapids 3 9 Black
19-Mar-22 Virginia Norfolk 3 2 Black
12-Mar-22 Maryland Baltimore 3 1 Black
19-Jan-22 Maryland Baltimore 3 1 Black
29-Jan-22 Missouri Saint Louis 3 1 Black
11-Dec-22 Illinois Chicago 3 1 Latino
17-Jul-22 Indiana Greenwood 3 2 Latino
9-Jun-22 Maryland Smithsburg 3 2 Latino
5-Jun-22 Michigan Saginaw 3 1 Latino
10-Jul-22 California Downey 3 2 Unknown
30-Jun-22 Kentucky Allen 3 5 White
19-Mar-22 North Carolina Fayetteville 3 3 White

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