Louisiana Supreme Court approves the break-up of Baton Rouge

St. George to become a reality

The Louisiana Supreme Court voted to grant residents of southern Baton Rouge the right to secede and incorporate a new city. The justices voted 4-3 to reverse a lower court decision.

Residents approved the creation of St. George through a ballot initiative on October 12, 2019. Once incorporated, it will become the fifth-largest city in Louisiana.

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Stone Cold Freedom
17 days ago

This video post of our black breakaway buddies in Freedom, Georgia boogeying on Juneteenth says it all: https://www.instagram.com/thegirlyblackfarmer/reel/CfWcJdBPCXd – “What do you get when you mix nature, black people, good music, fireworks, food, drinks, & workshops together? A stone cold good time!”
Please watch it for a laugh in case they delete it. (Black male dancing is highly codified to the time period in which it is done. Today’s few allowed black male dance styles are incredibly homosexual / corny / embarrassing. This is done because modern black female dancing is extremely aggressive / sexual / “fierce.” The brothas are required to stand down and let the girls shine in this era of female empowerment.)

The national media loves Freedom, GA. And its few residents sure seem happy without any White albatrosses around their necks bogging them down. Why are more blacks not following their stunning and brave lead? Answer: Because at some point, Georgia will recognize them as Civil Rights Pioneers and shower them with tens of millions, if not billions, of fiat dollars to expand and coronate their melanated empire. These blacks are just cleverly playing the waiting & virtue-signaling game. Then other such black utopian movements will follow suit and break away across the nation. No state – especially not red states full of “Democrats are the REAL racists” boomers – will want to be the odd one out that doesn’t follow suit in funding them. Look at the criticism Arizona got, & still gets, for being the last to approve MLK Day. (I bought an album by my then-favorite group, Public Enemy, when it came out in ‘91. I didn’t understand why these NYC rappers had made a song excoriating a faraway desert state, threatening to assassinate its governor. https://www.spin.com/2011/11/public-enemy-look-back-20-years-time-i-get-arizona. The album was so lame that P.E. instantly lost its #1 spot in my rankings.)
Over three decades later, there’s still no American holiday for any individual White person. And we all know there never will be. But some more secessions, both black and White, would be an acceptable alternative. (Starting with Buckhead leaving Atlanta, though it’s kinda stuck inside it.) As long as neither type gets funded by the government. Let each rise or sink on its own merits.