Eleven people shot at college fraternity party in Baton Rouge

Guess what kind of fraternity?

Eleven people were injured during a party at the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity house near Southern University in Baton Rouge. Kappa Alpha Psi describes itself as an “African American” fraternity. Three Black males have been arrested.

Jaicedric Williams, 22, was arrested for eleven counts of first-degree murder. Two others, Miles Moss, 24, and Daryl Stansberry, 28, have been arrested for accessory after the fact.

The shooting is a perfect example of a high victim count/low fatality mass shooting. This phenomenon is common among Black-on-Black mass shootings, which tend to occur at the spur of the moment with no prior planning. A large majority of all mass shootings have Black perpetrators. However, Black mass shooters, on average, cause fewer fatalities than mass shooters of other races.

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