Illegal alien from Bangladesh arrested for raping Italian police officer in alley

Another shock crime by a migrant in Italy

A female police officer was leaving work at the Decumani police station near Naples, Italy when an illegal immigrant allegedly bashed her in the head with a rock and raped her in an alley. The unnamed suspect is reportedly from Bangladesh but came to Italy through Africa.

The government of Bangladesh restricts travel to North Africa to prevent its citizens from becoming jihadists. However, young middle-class Begladeshi men book vacations at resorts in places like Algeria. Then they pay criminal gangs to help them illegally enter Italy. The gangs place them in overcrowded vessels off the coast of Libya, where they are trafficked to Europe by far-left NGOs. These politically motivated NGOs then drop the people off at European ports and falsely declare them to be “refugees rescued at sea.”

Once in Europe, they falsely claim to be impoverished despite paying several thousand dollars in airfare, resort fees, and fees to criminal gangs.

Italian has been rocked by a series of high-profile crimes by mon-European migrants.

Recently, an illegal alien from Ghana was captured on camera raping a Ukrainian war refugee in broad daylight. Georgia Meloni, who just became the new Prime Minister of Italy, was censored by Twitter for talking about it.

Earlier this year, North African migrants held a giant party in Peschiera and conducted a two-day crime wave. This included sexually attacking teenage girls on public transportation.

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