Another “White” serial killer

Crime stats have become a joke

The state of Florida continues to classify Blacks, who have Spanish surnames, as White people in crime data. This is not isolated to Orange County; it is statewide.

Carlos Baez-Nieves has been charged with the murders of two alleged prostitutes, Nichole Daniels, 44, and Fatia Flowers, 41, occurring in March and April of this year. Orange County Sheriff John Mina is calling him a “potential serial killer.” These two murders will appear in Florida state crime data, as well as federal crime data, as one White-on-White murder and one White-on-Black murder.

No word on the immigration status of the suspect.

To this day, the federal government and a large number of US states have no racial category for Latinos. In Florida, it does not matter if a suspect is White, Amerindian, Mestizo, Mulatto, or Black if they have a Spanish surname. They are all classified as White offenders. This is why our Open Source Interracial Homicide Project is so important. We are creating the only comprehensive picture of what interracial homicide really looks like in the USA.

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Color of crime
1 month ago

Maybe there’s a hidden reason why an otherwise based state like FL is doing this. E.g. if it’s easier to expedite the execution of a “White” prisoner than one listed as black or beaner. But the killer still remains “White” forever in the state’s, & country’s, homicide offender database. Totally unacceptable and outrageous.
Blacks in America already commit homicide at around 11x the rate of Whites. (Source: DOJ’s annual interracial crime stat reports.) Imagine how much higher the true black rate really is. 15x the White rate?

Color of crime
1 month ago

Also, I think you should correct the race of Heather Taylor, who allegedly accidentally shot her black bf Antron Pointer on 4/19/23. I don’t understand why you have her listed as White. She wouldn’t be classified as White in any European country, or at least wouldn’t be considered White by any native (White) Europeans. Some sort of Black Biracial category is needed on here. People who are half black / half White surely commit violent crimes at >3-5x the White rate.
Taylor would be considered a redbone or a high yellow. This means blacks would despise, socially exclude, & verbally abuse her for her light skin color, yet would grudgingly consider her a fellow black. But would of course aggressively claim her as one of their own if she achieved fame in some entertainment field, e.g. Vanessa Williams, Mariah Carey, or Steph Curry. (I would include Patrick Mahomes too, but his surname, a variation of Mahomet a.k.a. Mohamed, shows him to be an obvious crypto-Arab. As is Colin Kaepernick visually, but not name-wise.)

Note: I’m commenting here because NC has no individual page for that homicide, just a link to a page.