Eleven mass shootings over the weekend. 10 dead, over 54 injured

What patterns do we see?

Friday Evening:

Stockton, California:

Two killed, two wounded. Local media has barely reported any details. Stockton is 44% Latino, 21% Asian, 20% White, and 12% Black.


Baltimore, Maryland:

One killed, three injured. Local media has barely reported any details. Baltimore is 62% Black and 27% White.

Columbia, South Carolina:

Nine gunshot victims, and five more injured from being trampled. Shooting took place at a crowded mall. Suspect is Jewayne M. Price. He was immediately released with an ankle braceleted on a $25k bond.

North Las Vegas, Nevada:

One killed, three injured at a house party in North Las Vegas. Aaliyah Gayles, an 18 year-old black female was killed. The three injured people are all juveniles.

Syracuse, New York:

One killed, four injured in an alley behind a bar. The victims’ name is Akok Lual. This is a Nilo-Saharan African surname.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Two killed, eleven wounded by gunfire. Other victims suffered broken bones from leaping out of windows. Victims are mostly under 18. The shooting took place at an AirBnB where over two hundred, mostly juveniles were having a party. Cellphone video shows that the party was overwhelmingly attended by Black partygoers.

Furman, South Carolina:

Nine wounded in Furman, South Carolina. The shooting took place in Cara’s Lounge, a hip hop themed nightclub/stripper bar. Furman is 75% Black.

Miami, Florida:

One killed, three injured a house party. Occurred in the golden Glades neighborhood, which is 70% Black and 5% White. Only details given by the media is that two of the injured are juveniles.

Portland, Oregon:

One killed, three injured during a drive-by shooting at a gas station. All victims are juveniles. No others details have been disclosed so far.

Sacramento, California:

One killed, three injured in Sacramento, California. No others details have been disclosed. The census tract is 34% Latino, 28% White, 17% Black, and 14% Asian. Sacramento has already had three mass shooting this year, including two out of the top five deadliest mass shootings of 2022 so far.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Four injured by gunfire.  Police describe all four victims as Latino ranging from 21 to 53 years old. No suspect.

Killed by gunfire: 10
Wounded by gunfire: 54

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