Suspect in mass shooting gets immediate $25k bond and an ankle monitor

Only nine people were shot

Jewayne M. Price, 22, was charged with accessory before the fact in the murder of Amon Rice in 2018. He faced decades in prison. It does not look like he was ever prosecuted.

Saturday, he was arrested at the scene of a mass shooting. Nine people, ranging in age from 15 to 73, were shot at the Columbiana Center Mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Five other people sustained injuries from being trampled.

Three potential suspects were apprehended, however the other two were cleared and released. Price remains the only current suspect. Despite his past serious felony charge, and the seriousness of his potential new charges, he was given a small bond of $25k. He will be required to wear an ankle monitor and will only be allow to travel to work.

So far, police have only charged him with gun crimes while they continue to collect evidence. More charges could be filed shortly. More suspects could also be arrested. Police believe that the shooting stemmed from a feud between Price and other unknown suspects.

This was one of six different mass shootings that occurred over the weekend across America.

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