7 shot, 3 killed at concert for LA rapper MoneySign $uede

This keeps happening!

Seven people were shot, three of whom were killed, at a rap concert for MoneySign $uede. This is an LA-based rapper signed to Atlantic Records. $eude rented a warehouse to hold a giant party/concert “to kick off the summer.”

Two of the people shot are said to be security guards.

Police have not released the names of any of the victims. MoneySign $eude says he left the venue before the shooting took place.

Rap concerts have become a reoccurring scene of mass shootings across the USA. Around the same time, six people were shot at Playo’s Nightclub in Gary, Indiana. Two people, Jah’Nice Quinn, 26, and Jonte Dorsey, 34, we killed. It is unclear if a special event was going on. However, the club has previously hosted “afterparties” for local rap concerts. The mayor of Gary wants to shut the place down.

Two week ago, seven people were shot at Ajay’s Lounge in Benton Heights, Michigan. Marlon Tyree Bowman, 19, was killed. The bar was hosting a rap concert by Babyface Ray.

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