15 people shot, 4 fatally at Juneteenth celebrations around America

The first federal Juneteenth holiday was marred by lots of violence

We already talked about the deadly mass shooting at the Oakland, California Juneteenth celebration and the riot at Long Brach, New Jersey Juneteenth Beach Party. It turns out there was another mass shooting at a Juneteenth event in Aurora, Colorado.

A Juneteenth Celebration was held inside a venue at a strip mall. When the venue filled to capacity, people began filling up the parking lot. At some point, one or more shooters began firing shots.

Police say 114 shots were fired. Four male victims and one female victim were shot. The male victim died. Many witnesses have been refusing to cooperate with the police.

Yet, there is more. An emergency medical worker responded to a Juneteenth celebration in Raleigh, North Carolina to provide medical care for a child. After treating the child, she was shot. The suspects are two Black males. The victim is expected to live.

In Flint, Michigan, a 19-year-old Black female pulled a gun and fired at a policeman who was working at a Juneteenth parade. The perpetrator was shot and killed when the officer returned fire.

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