Portland runs ad in the New York Times claiming the city is not polarized … lol

Portland makes desperate attempt to clean up its public image without actually cleaning up the city

Imagine that an American city feels the need to run a paid ad claiming that you can speak your mind inside the city.

Portland ran a full-page paid ad in the New York Times. The ad claims that the city is not polarized and that people are free to speak their minds and share their ideas. The fact that a city would have to run a paid advertisement to make these claims, pretty much suggests that it is not true.

After a year of non-stop rioting, Portland is polarized to the point of total implosion. They are facing their highest murder rate in the history of the city, by a huge margin. The police just disbanded their fifty-member riot squad for fear of being persecuted by the District Attorney. The same District Attorney who is refusing to prosecute the rioters.

Businesses and families are evacuating the city, and the city government is apparently feeling the left.

The city of Portland also produced this commercial, which attempts to paint Portland as a sort of hipster’s paradise.

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