Secret recording of Seattle Antifa coaching members on avoiding arrest during and after committing crimes

Antifa is a criminal gang

After rioting last Friday evening, Seattle Antifa met in a park to openly discuss the commission of criminal acts and how to avoid arrest. Note that “direct action” and “autonomous action” are Antifa euphemisms for criminal actions. These words usually refer to vandalism, blocking public streets, and assaults. However, Antifa is involved in even larger-scale criminal actions in the Pacific Northwest, such as arson, storming and occupying motels, storming government buildings, and worse. 

  1. Wear all black to make it harder for police to identify which person committed which crimes.
  2. Do not talk to anyone about actions. “You didn’t see anything, you didn’t talk to anyone, you weren’t here.”
  3. Buy “burner phones” for use during actions. Keep regular cellphones powered down for the entire duration of actions.
  4. Use “burner” GPS devices that do require a subscription and can not be tied to you personally.
  5. Keep thumbprint activation turned off on cellphones to make it harder for police to examine your phone when arrested.
  6. Never cooperate with any police officers.

They also talk about people talking on “very different risk levels.” By risk, they are referring to the risk of being arrested and charged with a crime.

They order everyone to turn off their video cameras. They also tell people not to repeat what is being said publicly. However, one person had a secret camera and continued recording. The video was delivered to local radio talk show host Steve Rantz, who has been working to expose local Antifa. Rantz is a political moderate who is Jewish and homosexual. However, by Seattle standards, he is a right-wing boogeyman.

What is not discussed is the fact that prosecutors in Seattle and Portland are simply refusing to prosecute most left-wing criminals when they are charged with a crime anyway.

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