Two-thirds of Germans oppose new refugees, fewer than 15% say current refugees have integrated well

German policy makers are wildly out of step with the people they serve

It is clear that the German people strongly oppose new immigration.

Note: Ja and Nein mean Yes and No in German.

huge poll of 5,000 Germans shows that the populations’ views on so-called “refugees” are wildly different than those of the ruling class. Of the six major German Political parties, Christian Democrats [CDU], Social Democrats, Free Democrats, Green Party, The Left, and Alternative for Germany, only Alternative for Germany opposes new refugees.

Diakonie Deutschland commisioned the poll, using the research firm Civey.

Germany’s population is now estimated to be about 11.1% non-European, primarily from very recent mass immigration.

Diakonie Deutschland even tried to load the questions. Instead of asking people if Germany should take in more refugees, they load the question with the false narrative of people “fleeing” their homes. This has been debunked over and over for years. Most so-called “refugees” are actually from Middle-Class families in their country of origin who are just seeking the economic benefits they can get in Europe. The people who illegally enter Europe to claim asylum are disproportionately young, male, and come from higher-income families. Poor people can not afford to be these kinds of “refugees.” It costs a lot of money to pay the criminal gangs that help smuggle these people into Europe.

Nevertheless, a large majority said no! Also, very few people said that existing refugees were integrating well.

Should German, in view of the increasing number of people fleeing worldwide, take in more refugees?

No, definitely not: 47.3%
More or less no: 15.2%
Undecided: 9.9%
More or less yes: 13.2%
Yes, definitely: 14.4%

In your opinion, have the refugees who have come to Germany over the past ten years been well received by society? (In other words, have the refugees integrated well into German society?)

No, definitely not: 36.2%
More or less no: 29.6%
Partly: 27.9%
More or less yes: 10.4%
Yes, definitely: 2.1%

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